GATECLAW One Way Traffic Spikes are designed and manufactured in the UK by SAE Systems Ltd. Our systems are made of high-quality, heavy-duty steel and are designed to handle multiple vehicles of all sizes and volumes.

Manufactured to exacting standards with no compromise on build quality GATECLAW One Way Traffic Spikes can be fitted as a permanent or semi-permanent spiked vehicle barrier that offers the ability to control vehicle movements through a specific roadway, parking area or driveway entrance.

GATECLAW can also be used to control traffic flow and ensure that it flows in one direction only.The unique claw/spikes are painted to be clearly visible and have 3 operational modes which are activated using the long-handled T-bar key provided.

When set to active mode vehicles are only permitted to cross in a single direction, when set to locked-up mode vehicles are prevented from crossing in either direction, and when in locked-down mode free traffic movement is allowed in both directions. GATECLAW is available to purchase in two unit lengths which can be combined to create the required road barrier width.

GATECLAW One Way Traffic Spikes are the ultimate permanent or semi-permanent surface mounted vehicle barrier. For further information please fill out our contact form or call us on +44 (0)1692 671918

You can purchase the Gateclaw system from our RazorwireUK website: BUY ONLINE >

GateClaw Datasheet